Dear Sirs,

We are a trade company which deal with the exporting of different kind
steel, tubes, profiles, high quality steel, wire, strands etc.

We have good relations with many metallurgical and tubes mills in
Ukraine and Russia and can quote any metal by track, containers, wagon
and ship parties on FCA-, DDU-, FOB-, CFR-conditions.

We are working on the base of concrete orders from our customers from
Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, UK, Canada etc.

We also manufacture a few years and deliver to Canada UK buckets for
excavators, wood grips and other attachments equipment for road
construction machines.

We are ready on the base of your drawings (assembly drawing enough) to
design needed documentation and produce in short time, with high
quality and at a competitive price any metal parts.

If you have any orders on steel and metal equipments please do not
hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and best regards,
Peter A. Serko — director «Avliga-D» Ltd.

49027, Dnipro, Ivana Akinfieva Str.,24/22
+380 56 238 5426 — tel.
+380 67 560 0426 — mobile (Viber)
+380 50 535 8363 — mobile (WhatsApp)
+380 91 306 5808 — mobile
+372 57 319 679 — mobile
E-mail: avliga@a-teleport.com
Http:// www.avliga.com
Skype: avliga